Summit Walk

Welcome to Summit Walk

A home of growth and enrichment where you will meet the Lord, learn from His people and begin a stronger walk of faith. None of us are here by accident. We each are a part of a grand and divine design that draws us to God – while drawing us together to serve Him better.

If you've not yet had a chance to meet the Savior of the World and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in only moments, your life could change beyond what you have ever imagined.

We fervently encourage you to give us the opportunity to share with you the Good News that will reroute your path from here throughout eternity. God bless you.

Join us this Sunday. 
Services at 9 am, 11 am, and 6 pm.
Connect with other members through upcoming events and ongoing groups.
Discover your talents and gifts in the Spiritual Gifts class offered once a month.

This is a sample Thrive website created to highlight the Summit Walk theme. Summit Walk is not a real organization or church. Any similarities to an actual organization are happenstance.